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Madden 23 :The slightly lower rating here can be explained
Madden 23 :The slightly lower rating here can be explained Feb 03

Madden 23 :The slightly lower rating here can be explained

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You have Chris Godwin, Mike Evans as well as Gage who is the third receiver in the mix. This is a recipe for success. Couple that with Gage being a bargain when compared to other contracts for receivers, there's no reason not to love.Whitehead is everything the Jets require. He's a formidable primary player and will assist in organizing a unit in need of a veteran presence.There's not much more to say about this being great. I picked Whitehead as my No. five safety in the market Whitehead is a steal for the price.

Reed came in third place in Madden NFL 23 for single tackles last season. He can provide a fantastic net in order to put his Jets in a position of winning. My only concern is that it's a little more than the Jets required to pay.The best security in free agency was always going to cost a lot however, he's definitely worth it. At 25 , there's plenty of tread left on the tires and Williams has been playing at an extremely impressive level for several years.

The Ravens are severely deficient in that signature, elite safety especially since the retirement of Ed Reed. The idea of comparing anyone with Reed is a little silly however I believe Williams has the potential to be a major difference-maker. Love it.Let's get this straight: When you're the worst team in the Madden NFL 23 you'll need to pay big to attract top free agents. Consider this to be a landfill fire tax. Christian Kirk is a really excellent wide receiver that could be great but, my goodness, many teams are going to be furious with Jacksonville for destroying that WR market.

Imagine how furious Green Bay must be now when they need to convince Davante A. Adams to sign an extension of his contract now Christian Kirk is getting $17M a year?

Kirk is a top-tier receiver that fits a specific offensive model. I'm confident that Kirk has the potential to be an impact player and allow Trevor Lawrence a weapon.The devil's in the details on this one. We'll have to find out how much will be guaranteed as well as how the performance escalators look -- but this is a massive signing.

Reddick has had a fantastic 2 seasons in the past however, this is still quite a sum of money. It's not clear if Reddick can fulfill the duties of a top-tier solo pass rusher, but he's being paid that kind of sum.

On the one hand I admire the talent, on the other it's weird to watch the Eagles spend big money on the pass rusher, when they're able to use three first round picks in the draft with an incredible amount of depth at this position. Feels like a misallocation of funds, unless there's an ulterior motive to this.

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