The issue is present for players that do not have parental from NBA 2k23
The issue is present for players that do not have parental from NBA 2k23 Feb 09

The issue is present for players that do not have parental from NBA 2k23

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The demise of Westbrook has come quickly. He was a fringe All-Star during his 2018-19 NBA year with the James Harden's Houston Rockets. But even that model of Westbrook is no longer in use. The flaws of Westbrook outweigh the strengths. He still puts in some impressive numbers (though even those numbers are decreasing) However, he's most likely to be utilized in the future to serve as spark plugs off the bench and facing opposing second units and not as a starter.

The national media's impression of Westbrook remains more dominant than his actual nighttime, nighttime contribution ought to reflect. I'm not alone to say this however it's like the fall of Allen Iverson, who bristled at the idea of coming off the bench until he had been eliminated from the game entirely.There's still plenty of time to allow Russell Westbrook to avoid the same fate if he's willing to go that route.

NBA 2K23 players have noticed that Herschel 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm has made an appearance on the game.Along with other massive 2022 game releases NBA 2K23 is set to start on September 9th and, despite not having been released just yet, fans have already seen the 2x World Champion playing this game.Dr Disrespect has been known to enjoy basketball, often boasting of his vertical jump and the time practicing NCAA Division II Basketball at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

While the renowned YouTube streamer has been making and developing his game of own, DEDROP it seems that he's also worked along with 2K Games, as fans recognize elements of the actor in-game.The Doc teased his appearance in NBA 2K23 on September 8 and tweeted "hearing several reports about the Two-Time. No matter what, see you in game tomorrow... actually," fans have now seen his signature vest and more in-game.

It appears to be in NBA 2K23's Seasonal Pass, players can collect Dr. Disrespect's cosmetics for example,"Brown Steel Mullet" at Tier 8 "Black Steel Mullet and Headphones" at Tier 8. as well as the "Showtime vest" which is at Tier 32.This is hilarious and there's no doubt of players walking around through My Park and City wearing the Doc's attire as well as one post under Dexerto's posts reading "HECK YES!! !"

Since Dr Disrespect usually plays FPS game, some might be confused or shocked by the collab, however, fans of his will recognize that he's been involved in sports games since when he was a kid.In fact, the reason the Doc is a 2x champion is that he actually won back-to-back NBA Jam tournaments in 1993 and 1994. which is why the collab seems appropriate.

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