Mmoexp FIFA 23:It's still early but there's huge potential
Mmoexp FIFA 23:It's still early but there's huge potential Feb 23

Mmoexp FIFA 23:It's still early but there's huge potential

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A Rulebreakers Mini-Release could release at 1pm ET or 6pm BST and add a few players to the packs, and the possibility that a new player will be added through objectives, too.Enock Mwepu is among the most promising players in FIFA 23. The young African footballer is on the team at Brighton & Hove Albion. There was sad news just a few hours ago when it was revealed that Mwepu would be retiring from the game at 24.

It was reported that Mwepu has a heart disease that could make the situation fatal in the event that he plays at the professional stage. The decision was confirmed by numerous sources earlier on the 10th of October and has created shock waves across the country.The early retirement now raises complications regarding his card's status for FIFA 23. As with many professional footballers there is also an active player in the game. Since the announcement, the world has been asking about the card's fate in the latest issue.

While EA Sports hasn't made an official announcement, a few guesses are possible about what could be expected from the card in the near future, based on an known patterns.There have been instances in which footballers' tickets were removed from FIFA games. After Emiliano Sala's accident, his in-game counterpart was removed from the franchise's 19th entry. The same move was made when Mason Greenwood was arrested Manchester United star Mason Greenwood in FIFA 23.

The Zambian international's card is still accessible in all modes. The card was awarded to him an score of 76. CM card with some bright spots that demonstrate his true-life talents. The Pace of 82 is adequate for a card of his rank.The 72 passing and 75 Shooting are better However, this is normal for any kid who gets more proficient with age. Mwepu's card can also be used as a CDM, or CAM to show his versatility.

EA Sports will likely remove the card soon out of FIFA 23 altogether. The players who are part of his team will retain their copy in Ultimate Team mode. They will however be converted into non-tradable versions, so that they can't be sold in the marketplace.

It also means that cards will then be removed from all the packs and will not be available. Future events or objectives that might have rewarded this card during FIFA 23 will also be altered. It is possible, however, that EA Sports might release an exclusive Mwepu card to honor his accomplishments in his brief career.

Mwepu will also be removed from offline and career mode. However the players will be capable of enjoying the additional licensed players who hail from Brighton and go for a spin on the track in their career. For the talented youngster it's a pity however, it's a positive decision in hindsight.

The footballing world has experienced a loss of many players throughout time due to injuries, illnesses, and many more. It was not something that anyone would have anticipated to happen, but unfortunately it has.The players who have the card have access to the services for the time being. The situation is disappointing for all community members as Mpewu started the season strongly and was quickly becoming a top talent within the league.

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