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P2Pah WOW WOTLK Classic: Blizzard is now diving into the creation
P2Pah WOW WOTLK Classic: Blizzard is now diving into the creation Mar 02

P2Pah WOW WOTLK Classic: Blizzard is now diving into the creation

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The landscape graphics are getting together and the tilesets appear stunning. We were able to see the Lordaeron tileset that consists consisting of green plains and cliffs forests, and lakes. But, World of Warcraft also announced that there will be seasonal variations for every tileset, meaning there will be the fall Lordaeron and a summer Lordaeron and then on.

The autumn Lordaeron tileset have replaced the grass with the more brown hue and the trees have mixed with oranges, yellows and reds rather than bright greens. Winter's Lordaeron tileset is a snowy landscape with snow-covered hills and snowy trees. There are other settings, like the thickly forested Ashen Vale tileset, which depicts the home of the night elves as well as the wastelands of barrens, but we did not get to look at these tilesets.

There were also peons cutting down trees. While trees won't serve as a resource however, they'll remain barriers to be cut down in order to cross. The video of the peon cutting the tree was particularly striking when the tree shakes its branches every time it was struck of the peon's saw. World of Warcraft also revealed that there are rock walls that could be removed from certain terrains in the same way.

Another feature of terrain in World of Warcraft showed us was the dual-depth water. It now has shallow water that units are able to wade through (with associated splashes and ripples) as well as the traditional deep water that is inaccessible. The water that is shallow and passable is a welcome change, as World of Warcraft also revealed that there would be none of the water-based units available to be found in World of Warcraft. Even water transportation that were thought of in the course of development, were removed. Yet, World of Warcraft tells us that the goal was always to not create naval units instead of ground units for tactical purposes as well as some air units.

Alongside seeing brand new locations, we also witnessed modifications to the game's mechanics. One of the first changes we heard of was the addition of a second resource called World of Warcraft Gold. Each race will continue to use gold as a primary source to purchase units, construct structures, buy upgrades and even buy resurrections.

However, World of Warcraft Gold will become a requirement to find heroes and purchase high-end upgrade and spells. World of Warcraft Gold will therefore be a sought-after resource since you cannot purchase a hero or get your highest level of upgrades without the gold. But, they isn't as easy than mining the gold.

There's World of Warcraft Gold in only two places: the non-neutral buildings known as the marketplace, and on corpses of creeps who are neutral and hostile creatures that wander around the map. The majority part of your World of Warcraft Gold from creeps, but. When you kill a creature and then kill it, you'll get one to twelve and more World of Warcraft Gold.

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