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NBA 2K23 : The Miami Heat caught flak this offseason
NBA 2K23 : The Miami Heat caught flak this offseason Apr 03

NBA 2K23 : The Miami Heat caught flak this offseason

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With that in mind we didn't have a clue who the best Big Threes in the NBA for the 2022-23 NBA season would be and, thanks to NBA 2K23 we have a better clue.Let's see the results below.Somewhat of a surprise at No. 1. the most effective Big Three for the 2022-23 season is the Philadelphia 76ers . This is behind Joel Embiid, James Harden and the rising young player Tyrese Maxey.

Philadelphia begins the new season with high expectations, and should Maxey keeps growing at the rate he's doing and is currently at, there's no reason the Sixers will not be able satisfy them.A less surprising result at the top of the list at. 2. as the Milwaukee Bucks' Big Three comprised of Giannis Antetokounmpo Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday has already taken home a championship. Antetokounmpo remains one of the two or three most talented players around the world. Middleton is a proven champion sidekick, and Holiday is one of the best defence players of all time in this league.

A turbulent year isn't enough to describe the last 12 months with the Brooklyn Nets but even after all the turbulence faced by the franchise they still boast one of the top three Big Threes that play in the NBA with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons. Durant suffered a poor playoff run , even by his legendary standards but he's still an elite scorer with an arsenal of skills.

Irving is likewise able to deliver buckets from all over the court... this is when he's not absent from games due to one reason or the other. And if Simmons is in good health, he should give Brooklyn an outstanding defender as well as an excellent player and transition scorer. Regardless, this is one of the less reliable three Big Threes of the NBA while also being one of the best.

A bit more of a Big Two with a very solid role player behind it, the Boston Celtics check in at No. 5 on NBA 2K23's list for the Top Big Threes. Jayson Tatum as well as Jaylen Brown are a formidable 2 punch on the wings that can rack up buckets from any part of the court, and Robert Williams is one of the top defenders in NBA with an elite shot-blocking skill.

Another top Big Two with a solid third player, the Los Angeles Lakers still boast incredible top-end talents... their problem is the rest of their team. There is a chance that things could get worse, as LeBron James remains a genius and is one of the top players around. Anthony Davis, when healthy is an exceptional double-sided big man as is Russell Westbrook... can rebound very well for being a point guard. Joking aside, Westbrook and Patrick Beverley have both been rated 78. therefore, you can pick any of them as the third member of the Lakers' Big Three.

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