Mmoexp Madden 23 :At this point you can press hike whenever
Mmoexp Madden 23 :At this point you can press hike whenever Apr 28

Mmoexp Madden 23 :At this point you can press hike whenever

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We recently posted a graphical comparison video between next-gen Madden and current-gen Madden, and in that video I used a camera view at certain points that's not technically in the game to showcase the graphics.

That camera is basically a hacked together broadcast cam that a lot of us at Operation Sports use in order to have a more playable broadcast camera since the default broadcast cam in the game is too focused on just the ball to work for most passing plays. It works for running plays and on defense if you don't play too deep in the secondary, but passing plays makes it tough.

Obviously, this is also a weird view to play from if you've played Madden forever from the normal default-behind-the-QB camera, but this view is somewhat like the broadcast cam you always watch on TV (just more zoomed out), and I think it makes Madden look more impressive graphically.

The hope on our end is that this camera will only get more impressive if we get more animated sidelines where players are cheering you on and the crowd gets even more unique on next-gen consoles. On top of that, I've also just found it to be an enjoyable way to play the game overall. You see things in a new light in a lot of respects — not unlike a game like Madden where you can flip between the Madden cam and broadcast cam and notice some new passing and driving angles there.

A lot of people in that Madden comparison video also asked me about how to play from this view, so I want to show all of you how you can play from this camera on current-gen Madden and next-gen Madden. After that I'll talk a little more about the camera itself, but this is a tutorial first and foremost.

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