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Mmoexp Mut 23 :Sanders is 93-speed 95 acceleration
Mmoexp Mut 23 :Sanders is 93-speed 95 acceleration May 05

Mmoexp Mut 23 :Sanders is 93-speed 95 acceleration

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Darnell Dockett appears to be a perfect offensive tackle to the meta of the runningeven if he has the Cardinals themed team. He's got 75 speed 90 awareness and 90 play recognition. He also has strength 91 as well as 91 block shed. pursuit 86 and tackling 89. These are extremely high numbers to complement 91 power moves too.

He's not going to work in 3-4 formations and also 4-3, which is a problem because 3-4 Odd is one the schemes used by many teams to slow the running game. Whatever the case it's a fantastic appearance DT and I wouldn't be shocked to see him in many elite lineups.

Emmitt Smith Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson and Jim Brown -- but not Walter Payton as of yet will cause havoc to make this game more running-heavy. I say this in a joke However, this release has several obvious positives as well as negatives. Let's dive into it.

If you look at him at the base scale, Dickerson has 93 speed as well as 92 acceleration, agility of 92, 91 90 juke, and break tackle 91. Dickerson isn't a top catcher, however you could plan Dickerson up and give him some speed and some of the top capabilities on the field. From the first impression, Dickerson looks like the most versatile of the running backs, despite the poor pass-catching skills.

For themes teams, there are The Rams, Colts, Raiders and I believe he ought to be working on the Falcons too because he played a brief period with them in the year 1993. Bonus points for the Madden team for putting the goggles for him. This is my personal favorite of the running backs that were released. He's sure to cause problems.

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