Using the Silver players from Step 2
Using the Silver players from Step 2 Aug 15

Using the Silver players from Step 2

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Using the Silver players from Step 2, put them into the Winter Silver Upgrade SBC. However, do not use players from the following Leagues in this Upgrade SBC:This SBC is also easy to complete as it only requires 11 Silver players. In return, you will receive five Gold Common players.

This will then stock your club up with Gold players to complete the Premium Winter League SBC.When you have opened your Silver Upgrade packs, go to the Gold Upgrade SBC in the Upgrade tab of the SBC section.

This SBC will let you submit 11 Common Golds to gain two Rare Gold players. Make sure you do not use players from the following Leagues:Now that you have completed the steps above, go to the Premium Winter League Upgrade SBC in the Live tab.

Go through each SBC section and see which ones you can complete using the players you have gained from Steps 2, 3 amp 4.If you can rsquot fully complete the whole Premium Winter League Upgrade, repeat the steps until you can. Make sure to sell everything you can from these SBC tabs in this repeatable SBC:

Sell the contents of these packs as these are the only tradeable rewards from this SBC.These packs are untradeable and can not be sold. Over time as you repeat this SBC, you will stock your club with high-overall players which you can then use for other SBCs.

What Rewards Do You Get in the Premium Winter League Upgrade?There are four SBC sectors in the Premium Winter League Upgrade. This means you will get four packs as well as the final group pack reward, bringing it to a total of five packs.

Here are the rewards you will earn:

Ligue 1 amp Eredivisie ndash Jumbo Gold PackLibertadores amp Sudamericana ndash Prime Electrum Players Pack (Untradeable)Bundesliga amp Serie A ndash Small Prime Gold Players PackPremier League amp LaLiga ndash Small Rare Gold Players PackGroup Reward ndash Small Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
By selling the tradeable rewards, you will keep your coin total ticking over and make money while getting the SBC fodder you need.

The Winter Wildcard promo will release daily player SBCs so using this method will help you earn these players without using up your coins!Also, the fc 24 History Makers have recently been distributed. These items will upgrade on certain dates!When the World Cup content in fc 24 began, EA Sports fc announced that players could earn a free History Makers item.

With the tournament over, these items are now being distributed to all eligible players and they feature some of the best players in World football.And to make these items even more exciting, they will even receive boosted stats and an overall at later dates!

fc 24 World Cup History Makers celebrate players who were set to have a key role for their country at the 2023 World Cup.These items are accompanied by a loan Hero or ICON of the same nation symbolizing the past and the present.The History Makers will also upgrade twice across the fc 24 cycle.

There are a lot of FC 24 gold coins here, you only need a little money.

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