And here is your full FC 24 TOTW 13 prediction
And here is your full FC 24 TOTW 13 prediction Aug 18

And here is your full FC 24 TOTW 13 prediction

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Tyrese Campbell ndash ST rarrLW ndash 70 rarr811 Goal amp 1 Assist / 4-0 win against Reading / 8.4 WhoScored match ratingStoke City picked up a huge three points thanks to Campbell rsquos goal and assist.

And here is your full FC 24 TOTW 13 prediction:The TOTY ICONs Team 2 will also be in packs when TOTW 13 is. Make sure you check out which ICONs have been selected to come as Team of the Year versions in Team 2!

Every TOTY ICON Available in FC 24 - Team 1 & 2 Here are all the TOTY ICONs released into FC 24:

What Are TOTY ICONs in FC 24?
Team of the Year ICONs are a special set of ICON cards that commemorate players for being the best in their position.

Like the full set of World Cup ICONs, which were based on moments from World Cups, the TOTY version may focus on specific time periods of a player rsquos career.

These include winning the Ballon D rsquoor or being in FC rsquos real-life Best XI award.ICONs such as Gerd M uumlller feature as he is one of the many ICONs who have won the Golden Ball.

ICONs in FC are some of the best players of all time, allowing FC users to use their favorite players from across different generations.These new TOTY Campaign ICONs are sure to shake up the FC 24 community providing even more top-quality options to use on the pitch!

These items differ from the versions already in the game. And seeing as the TOTY promo offers players massive boosts, these players are higher rated than their prime ICON cards.FC 24 Ones to Watch (OTW) Upgrade Tracker
The Ones to Watch (OTW) are dynamic items that will continue to upgrade based on players rsquo real-life performances. This FC 24 OTW upgrade tracker will keep you up to date with the latest upgrades.

If you aren rsquot fortunate enough to pack an OTW item, you will be able to purchase most of them on the new cross-play transfer market!

FC 24 All OTW ItemsHere is every OTW item that can upgrade across the FC 24 game cycle:You may also want to take your new OTW item onto the pitch in Division Rivals to earn a load of coins and packs! Here are all of the Division Rivals rewards in FC 24.FC 24 TOTW 12 Revealed Featuring Rashford, Dybala & Osimhen The FC 24 TOTW 12 has been revealed and it includes some notable players with big upgrades! Here is the 24-man squad.

If you are going to use any of these players in your squad, make sure to use them in this FC 24 Meta formation that has the best tactics in the game.One of the best ways to score goals in FC 24 is by tricking your opponent! This overpowered feature will help you win more games!FC 24 Team Of The Year (TOTY) - Full Squad & Release DatesFC 24 rsquos Team of the Year is one of the biggest promotions on the FC calendar celebrating the best in real-life performers over the last 12 months.

Here is the full squad of players in the FC 24 Team of the Year:There is also a brand new ICON coming to celebrate the TOTY promotion! These are starting to look like some of the best items in FC 24!

There are a lot of FC 24 gold coins here, you only need a little money.

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