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Madden NFL 24 Players Association did not agree with their request.
Madden NFL 24 Players Association did not agree with their request. Aug 22

Madden NFL 24 Players Association did not agree with their request.

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The deal was ratified, even with a vocal group of players who are veterans on social media as well as in the union. I'm aware of discussions about players choosing to vote in light of the current climate with coronavirus and the market panic, but I find that hard to believe. I'm convinced that this CBA was almost always being accepted. Here's why.

There are two primary reasons for why the CBA was approved

The first is it helps in helping "rank-and-file" participants in the union, more that the stars. The increase in minimum salaries is significant, and I believe most rank-and-file players are able to vote on what's essential now, and is not about what's important later on in their career or in retirement.

This is why I was surprised to see numerous "no" voting. There were reports earlier in the week that a few players were looking to change their vote . The Madden NFL 24 Players Association did not agree with their request. However, it was speculated that many of those players were seeking to change their votes from "no" to "yes," once they were able to get more information about the CBA. A lot of players were initially in iMadden NFL affected by the opinions on social media. I think that once they started to research the CBA for themselves, they wanted to alter their vote.

Then again, according to Benjamin Allbright, it wouldn't be a problem at all:

The subject: Madden NFL 24 CBAI'm informed that the amount of players who asked to switch their vote would have been in the teens. It "wouldn't have affected" on the overall tally.Far most concerning was that around 20% of eligible voters didnt vote.

The best leverage players have to gain leverage in this scenario is the threat of sitting out games. I'm the only person with a unique view from this, as I was part of the 2011 lockout as well as CBA negotiations. The players proclaimed that they would be able to stay out for the duration of the duration of. When they began to sniff the beginning of training camp, the players caved. The players were in need of money. They'd taken out loans with high interest, or had run out of cash as the season approached. They needed a deal and that was a requirement to pay less.

While players of the Madden NFL 24PA has been informing players for a few years to cut costs in case there was an unexpected strike, remember what I said: a majority of the Madden NFL 24 team is ranks-and-file. They are NOT prepared for a holdout. They've not paid the money back, and some of it due to age and/or inability to. Some veterans who play in a big way aren't equipped to take on that. It's something that's always a concern during the negotiations.

Nobody is always satisfied with the labor arrangement and in every negotiation it is likely that one side will to be willing to compromise and get a little. That said, I'd have chosen to vote yes on this CBA however I'm well aware of the flaws.

Owners care about money. about. They don't have a desire for lesser practice time or testing for street drugs, and that's why they would be willing to sacrifice those points. The players didn't receive enough from a 17th game.

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