The big question is whether or not EA Sports FC can sustain this Cover Image


The big question is whether or not EA Sports FC can sustain this

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The big question is whether or not EA Sports FC can sustain this has not posted anything yet


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04-09-23 - 12:00


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The other big player is Playstyles. EA Sports is pushing this as a new addition, but this idea has been in FC for a long time, known as Traits. Certain players have Flair, Early Crosser, Speed Dribbler, et cetera. There are 33 Traits in FC, and EA Sports FC promises 34 Playstyles, which feels like a lateral move. However, the Playstyles also have Playstyles Plus, which upgrade them into a much better version, and seem to have a greater impact on minute to minute play rather than just changing parts of the game.

For example, it hard to notice a lot of Traits, but one of the new Playstyles allows defenders to slide in and wrap their legs around the ball, keeping possession. Those with Free Kick Playstyles wont just be better at them, the guiding line will extend longer so players can take advantage of the increased ability. There are also Playstyles like Blocker or Bruiser which mean defenders will behave differently even when not controlled by you, giving you a sense of personalisation. There are more running stances, Playstyles can be swapped in Ultimate Team, and greater chance for control - fake shots can even be cancelled into skill moves now, another small change with a big difference.

The big question is whether or not EA Sports FC can sustain this, and my bet is no. While it possible that some features could have been held back from FC 24, or rushed forward with the forced rebrand, or even that EA got lucky to have a big overhaul at a time when it needed to win back the crowd, this cannot happen every year. FC is the same game every year because it hard to make it all that different. EA Sports FC 24 brings a host of good ideas, but it doesnt leave a lot of room for EA Sports FC 25. I still think EA long-term FCure is to turn its annual sports sim into an evolving live-service game with battle passes, but without that it will be expected to provide significant updates each year, and sooner or later it will find itself wanting.

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