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In this stream Madden NFL 24 scores

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Like Brady in 2007.Manning's record-breaking season could result in Madden NFL 24 MVP honors.Manning has already received MVP awards at four different times throughout his career and is widely believed to be the most likely to win the award a fourth time.Manning now has 5.211 miles in total passing during the season and has thrown only 10 interceptions,which is in addition to his incredible number of touchdowns.

The most striking thing concerning Manning's 53 touchdown passes is how evenly distributed they have been.Demaryius Thomas Julius Thomas,Eric Decker and Wes Welker all have at least 10 touchdown catches.In 2007.only Randy Moss had double-digit touchdown receptions for the Patriots with 23 of the season.

The Broncos have already secured a playoff berth and are working to stop the Patriots in check for the no.1 overall seeding in the AFC as well as home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.With any luck,Manning hopes to secure the second Super Bowl title of his career.

In this stream Madden NFL 24 scores,Week 16 live coverage,highlights and more It could take a"long-term slump to cause Dak Prescott to be removed with Tony Romo Manning breaks Brady's record for passing TDs Romo throws late touchdown to give Cowboys victory.Read all 74 stories in Madden NFL 24 news roundup:Geno Smith is still the starting quarterback,Madden NFL 24 admits officiating mistake

Following the time that Geno Smith was benched during this game,it was a doubt as to as to whether Geno Smith would stay the starting quarterback in New York.The speculation was put to be put to bed--at minimum for now on Monday when news broke that Smith will continue to be New York's starting quarterback.

Madden NFL 24 Week 13 Highlights from Sunday's game:Panthers,Bengals rollingCurrent Madden NFL 24 playoff pictureScores from all over and around the leagueSunday Night Football Giants beat Redskins,24-17 refs cost Redskins the chance to comeback chanceJeff Triplette demonstrates callSaints-Seahawks preview to see the massive MNF game's betting odds,trends and pickHow to take a look

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