Released in 2014 and shut down just 3 years later in 2017 Cover Image


Released in 2014 and shut down just 3 years later in 2017

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Released in 2014 and shut down just 3 years later in 2017 has not posted anything yet


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16-09-23 - 12:00


End date
01-05-24 - 12:00

However, it's far really worth each the unfastened version and the paid model. Guild Wars 2 stands as one of the excellent mmo games each to critics and fans. It surpasses its predecessor and has all of the elements of a great mmog game from a big international, lots of characters, and content. It is no longer ideal, however it's miles nevertheless one of the satisfactory and most popular mmo game picks available.

9 Worst – Firefall - score 60

Released in 2014 and shut down just 3 years later in 2017, Firefall became a troubled mmog. It turned into ambitious and attempted to make for an exciting sci-fi 0.33-character shooter mmorpg sport.

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The final product regarded to just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the drama that took place backstage in making this identify. Earlier than the games' launch, there had been seemingly loads of layoffs. It additionally wasn't originally free-to-play before everything, that entire unfastened-to-play element came about due to the fact Firefall wasn't doing nicely.

Eight nice – international Of Warcraft - rating ninety three

Even non-gamers have heard of global of Warcraft. It has existed for the reason that 2004 and nonetheless has a ton of players and network to these days. It's far an influencer of the mmo enterprise and has survived the test of time to be nevertheless taken into consideration one of the exceptional mmog games. You may play for free up to stage 20, and that is truly really worth a shot just to recognise what the entire hype is ready.

The handiest cause some gamers go away the game is due to its age. The pics truly are not the pleasant anymore. But, many have referred to as this recreation a near-perfect mmog recreation as it's far friendly for both social and solo players.

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