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RELATED: Best Non-Licensed Sports Games

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Even better, you can get away with playing Civilization 6 with just your mouse, on a tablet or a console controller, so if youArsquo;re really trying to be quiet, you can say goodbye to the click-clack of your keyboard. And donArsquo;t forget to turn off the sound effects along with the music, because once the bombs start dropping, things can get pretty loud.

9 Stardew Valley
Despite being five years younger than Minecraft, one could argue that Stardew Valley's soundtrack is nearly as iconic. So itArsquo;s a shame to put it on mute, but if you must, youArsquo;ll be able to play the game without a hitch. Stardew Valley does a great job at providing visual indicators for just about everything you need to be made aware of, so there are very few tasks youArsquo;ll have trouble with when the sound is turned off.

One potential no-sound challenge might appear when you face a Serpent in Skull Cavern. Before they fly onto the screen, they trigger a short sound cue to give you a moment to collect your wits. Without volume, youArsquo;ll have to stay extra vigilant, but you shouldnArsquo;t have too much trouble defeating them as long as you have a strong enough weapon at hand.

8 FC 24
The series known for serving up big time bops to set the tone for your footy exploits, FC has a fun but non-essential aural dimension that you can disable without issue. Whether youArsquo;re trying not to disturb someone sleeping in the next room, you simply donArsquo;t like the music, or the commentators and crowd are disrupting your concentration, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to silence the noise.

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The biggest thing youArsquo;ll be missing out on when you turn the tunes down to zero is the fact that you wonArsquo;t be forming a core memory that will trigger every time you hear one of the soundtrack songs on a throwback playlist ten years from now. But hey, nostalgia is overrated, right?

There are a lot of FC 24 gold coins here, you only need a little money.

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