You're in an instance of Wintergrasp
You're in an instance of Wintergrasp Sep 26

You're in an instance of Wintergrasp

days hours remaining

As for the battle itself the battle has not changed much, there are theater vehicles in various outposts around the zone are used to take on defensive points.

The defenders have high ground advantage and turrets available and the battle is expected to last 30 minutes. If the attackers successfully destroy the outer defenses and capture the relic , they will be declared the winners. If they don't, the defenses will prevail.

If you're in an instance of Wintergrasp which wins, you will be conferred a new buff dubbed the Wintergrasp essence until the next battle. If any player in your realm has this buff active your entire faction will have access to the rewards of Wintergrasp which includes stonekeeper vendors for shards, elemental farming spots as well as the ability to raid the vault of the ARCA bomb.

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26-09-23 - 12:00 Start date
31-01-25 - 12:00 End date
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