Tendrils sprout out of their stays
Tendrils sprout out of their stays Sep 27

Tendrils sprout out of their stays

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I began as a Necromancer chauffeur of an navy of skeletons, reputation in place and capturing piercing bone spears even as my boney pals pulverized my foes. This technique labored flawlessly extraordinary for hours, however, ever assemble-curious, I spent a extensive amount of gold to rework my method.

I went from the commander of an undead navy to a god imbued with the strength of my sacrificed demons and masses of vital strike score. I am an engine that runs on the corpses of my enemies.

Tendrils sprout out of their stays, yanking the demons proper into my ricocheting bone spears that now deal a lot damage that I only want to strong some before everything is lifeless.

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