Trot these two separate polls Here
Trot these two separate polls Here Nov 21

Trot these two separate polls Here

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Okay, grab both sides, instead of going to the left, since that's the direction we're going to exit and go up the rot. Grab this bag, then grab that as well as this AV down and do the balls.

I'd recommend you to grab this pack before you do the balls, but you could put that one in the open and get it post balls probably.

Make sure to grab this before the ball are dead and the room is clean. Enter here. The mobs will appear upon entering and the siege breakers. They fear when they die and it can be a little frustrating if they hit you with a chain fear. It's a physical fear , however. This is why you can utilize Bob fear word whatever tremor Totem.

Then, you'll be able to get through all of this. And then stop about in this spot. Gather them all up somewhere around in here, aim down to us, and you may need to make use of cooling downs here.

These packs are here, kill this pack and grab that pack. These packs out on the balcony are not elite. They're really not giving an awful lot of XP, I wouldn't bother with these. I'd avoid them. Let's go through this.

Get the ball with this pack. It's fine to do this if you want to do that when we're down. Bosses dead come through here. If you want to buy MMoexp WoTLK Gold please visit

The constructs cause a amount of damage to AoE. Vanguard's they do like we're in STEAM. They're all that bad. These little rune shapers right here are quite vicious. They create an enchanted whirlwind which may be disrupted.

Please interrupt that it really hurts, really badly. So watch out for the rune shapers. Those are high priority target.

Trot these two separate polls Here, try to bring these two polls together, and then group it in a via down. You can grab that right there.

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