Since it took on creating Madden NFL games
Since it took on creating Madden NFL games May 25

Since it took on creating Madden NFL games

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Tom Brady has been around a Madden NFL pay before. However, there is no rule that says an athlete can not do it again. Not merely did the ageless quarterback post one of the greater campaigns in the league this past season, but what he achieved in the 2020-21 year has enough of a"story-book" feel that Electronic Arts might not have the ability to resist.

He did this in his era 43 season. Despite a new team and some time in his career most players have long ago retired, he published one of the finest seasons of his career. After throwing 40 touchdowns to only 12 interceptions and also for 4,633 yards, he ended off the effort by beating a second former Madden NFL cover athlete at Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl.

What better way to observe what will almost surely be a completely next-generation version of Madden NFL 22 than placing among the next generation of celebrities on the match cover? Allen's Buffalo Bills won the AFC East, dethroning the Patriots, who had won the division every year since 2008 heading into last year.

Allen threw for 4,534 yards (great for fifth in the NFL) and 37 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions. He was also a threat on the floor, as he rushed for 421 yards and eight touchdowns. Over the course of his career, he has never rushed for under 400 yards in a season. Further demonstrating he's part of this younger generation of celebrities, he is even followed in the footsteps of fellow Madden NFL star Mahomes as it pertains to being a gamer.

From the long run of cover athletes for the Madden NFL series, almost all of them have been offensive players. Running backs and quarterbacks have been the most widespread, with a couple of wide receivers mixed in. That does not mean that a major time defensive star has never made an appearance. It is just incredibly infrequent. In reality, since 2000, just three defensive players have made the cover of the match. Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu (who shared the cover with Larry Fitzgerald) and Richard Sherman. The then-Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman has been the most recent of this trio.Madden: 10 Changes The Series Needs To Make With Madden NFL 22

Since it took on creating Madden NFL games, Electronic Arts have experienced lots of highs but also plenty of lows with each installation of the franchise. The sport has grown a lot over the years, but fans are constantly asking for a tiny bit more in the developer in terms of content and overall quality.

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