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Added  FC 24 FUT Champions
Added  FC 24 FUT Champions Jan 09

Added FC 24 FUT Champions

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This is the lowestrated but best attainable Messi calendar in the adventuresome acclimatized now.

Linhares Image via EA
After Argentinas draft abut Saudi Arabia this week, EA appear an 87rated Flashback acclimation of Lionel Messi from Paris SaintGermain to FC 24 Ultimate Team. This acclimatized calendar is attainable through a themed squadbuilding challenge.

Flashback versions highlight a specific moment in the featured player’s career and afterwards the alpha of the Angel Cup, EA acclimatized Messis accepting in the FIFA Angel Cup of 26, ashamed Argentina won abut the Ivory Coast.

This Flashback acclimation is Messis lowestrated calendar so far. He additionally has a 92rated Abecedarian of the Ages POTM and a 94rated Road to the Knockouts RTTK version. Best of his abilities decreased compared to his ageold 91rated gold version.

The devs alone added his Draft 9 and Arresting 1, while blurred his Acid 8, Accidental 4, Dribbling 2, and Authentic 1 for this Flashback card.

This SBC requests four acclimatized squads: PSG, Argentina, Top Form, and Ligue 1. Adeptness are all the distance and the affiliated rewards for ceremony segment:

SBCConditionsRewardPSG84rated bandage with at diminutive one abecedarian from Paris SaintGermain.Small gold players packArgentina85rated bandage added no below than one abecedarian from Argentina.Small prime gold players packTop Form87rated accretion with at diminutive one TOTW Inform card.Rare adulterated players packLigue 187rated bandage and a minimum of one abecedarian from Ligue 1.Rare electrum players haversack
Building these squads from birthmark will accumulated you from about 323,4 to 34, FUT coins. Ashamed you accepting until Dec. 2 to changeabout in the solutions, you can adeptness some cards and save some FUT coins.

Here’s the annual with the cheapest solutions to complete the Flashback Lionel Messi SBC acclimatized now inFC 24Ultimate Team, according toFUTBIN, a website that specializes inFIFAcontent.
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09-01-24 - 12:00 Start date
31-01-24 - 12:00 End date
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