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Another excellent one is WOTLK

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The longer you use the effect, the longer you channel. Divide and Conquer causes the breath to create walls along its course, which block the view for all players. You are likely to use breathability against your focus target and hopefully allow both you and your adversaries enough space to remain in the dark before they are able to gain reinforcements.

The healing evoke, or specific gains a new capability to dream project. It's someone's control but projection of you floating forwards , healing all targets in passes through. When you explode the projectile, it will eliminate all magic effects of allies, healing them over time. What is truly special about this power is the way in which you can control the projectile since it literally fly.

There's a Z axis involved and you're able to gain your suit or lower, and you could send the projectile in the direction of the corner so as to keep an ally from safety which provides truly unique gameplay capabilities in relation to PvP.

And for now, that's going to be the full list of all the changes to PvP and PVP-related talents that have been included so far in Dragon flight beta. Dragon flight beta. I want to say thank you all so much for taking the time to watch. I hope you enjoyed it. the show and share your thoughts via the feedback section. What do you think of the new gameplay abilities and the new changes coming to classes such as Prius or Mage as they pertain to PvP? And what do you think about the opportunities for PvP that could be a bit wild with new classes for evokers?

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Join our DISCORD to join the community. However, I would like to I would like to thank everyone for watching. I hope you enjoyed eliminate your thoughts in the comments. As always, I'll catch up with you all in a different video.

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