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Added  FC 24 FUT Champions
Added  FC 24 FUT Champions Jan 18

Added FC 24 FUT Champions

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5 Stefano Turati, Frosinone (Loaned From Sassuolo)
Stefano Turati will be another excellent pickup if you are searching for a decently rated goalkeeper with good potential. However, as he is loaned to Frosinone, you will not be able to sign him in the first season of the Career Mode, and you will have to wait for his loan to get done.

The 70-rated player has pretty good stats and would help your team save some goals. With his potential rising to 81, you can make him your primary keeper and watch him constantly grow over the seasons.

4 Samuel Soares, Benfica
Benfica is stocked with Wonderkids, and Samuel Soares is the highly regarded goalie seen as the next big thing in the particular position. In real life, the talent plays for the second team of Benfica, and he has even won the UEFA Youth League as part of the youth team.

He has received a superb rating of 66 in FC 24 Career Mode, and you can try purchasing him for close to euro;2 million. Considering the fact that his potential is 83, he is certainly worth spending that much money.

3 Maarten Vandevoordt, Genk
Maarten Vandevoordt will be an ideal pick if you are looking for a slightly higher-rated goalkeeper that you can use to replace the main goalkeeper in a season or two. The Belgian footballer has been performing exceptionally well for Genk, and he has already signed a contract with RB Leipzig and is set to join them in 2024.

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The game has given him a rating of 74, and he will reach the mark of 80 in one or two seasons. He features a potential of 84, which is pretty much sufficient.

2 Lucas Chevalier, Lille
When managing a team in the bottom half of Europe top five leagues, you can sign Lucas Chevalier to make him your first-choice goalkeeper. The French talent has quickly occupied the starting spot at Lille, and due to his performances, his overall rating has skyrocketed in FC 24 Career Mode.

At the time of the game launch, he was rated 67, but now after several squad updates, he has reached 75. His potential has also been altered, and the same currently stands at 84.
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