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Restores the energy of everyone in your clan
Restores the energy of everyone in your clan Jun 05

Restores the energy of everyone in your clan

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He will provide you his promised 2k plusd another 30 for vessel fares. Talk to wizard mizgog and he will tell you father uhrney said you were coming. He will give you"wrapped Package. Duplicates cost 7.5k. Bring the package safely to the priest, that will be awaiting you at the church. He'll then ask you that god you support; Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamorak.

If you answer no, then you simply acquire 10k prayer xp and 5k mining xp. However, if you say yes, then he'll tell you to go into town and get black priest robes (top and bottom, found in clothes stores) a green cape (guthix), cape of winners (blue cape, champions guild) or crimson cape (Zamorak, clothing store) and a team of atmosphere (Saradomin) water (guthix) or fire (Zamorak), which can all be found in Zaff's Staff store. Bring these goodies back to the priest and he'll bless them in the name of this god of your choice.

He will return them and you will get (for example, Saradomin) Saradomin priest gown top and underside, Saradomin priest cape, and saradomin priest staff. He'll also give you a prayer book of your god. (The priest robes and team and cape will alter appearance to coincide.)

Prayers from prayerbooks take the location of a spellbook or even the default option spells. These prayers are not actually indicative, and don't remove prayer points, but do not give magic or prayer xp when cast. These"prayers" are like the lumbridge home interface, so they have recharge occasions. Each god has another prayer book.

Refills your prayer points and half of the hp you've lost. 10 second recharge. Refills an ally's prayer and all hp. 10 minute recharge. Divine grace: refills 1/4 of those lost hp and 75% of the prayer points for every player on your clan which may be understood in your mini-map. 25 second recharge. Teleport Church: Teleport into the f2p church of your choice. 35 minute recharge.

Restores the energy of everyone in your clan that can be seen in your mini-map. Bless a priest gown top, blue cape, of staff of air in the name of cheap OSRS gold saradomin. No things are tradeable. Only blessable in case you have lost or destroyed the thing in question. Takes away half of an opposing gamers prayer points and bargains 6 hp harm. 3hp recoil. 10 second recharge.

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