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Accountability of annoyed players with new Mut 24
Accountability of annoyed players with new Mut 24 Feb 09

Accountability of annoyed players with new Mut 24

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The biggest issue with Warren is the kind of presence he holds at the highest of the draft however that doesn't prove how bad the Browns are in making the right selections. Warren is surrounded by six players who made it to the Pro Bowl. The only thing that could be more problematic is that the Browns next pick wide receiver Quincy Morgan, is also in the same group as six players who made a Pro Bowl. (Reggie Wayne, Todd Heap, Drew Brees, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Alge Crumpler, Chad Johnson.)

Brown, Warren, Couch, and Morgan are but a few examples of why the Browns have been so awful for so long. The worst talent assessors who simply did not recognize the right players. On the plus note, they actually did locate two players to kick off this list.

Cleveland is an amazing city!

Honorable Mention: Here's where we can fit Leonard Davis. Taken a pick ahead of Warren and you wouldn't expect to land a guard as a result, but this is the situation with Arizona and Davis. Davis played for six seasons with the Cardinals in which he changed the line from right guard to right tackle and a weak left tackle before resigning in order to be an Pro Bowl guard with the Cowboys. Davis can have a successful career it is but one more black eye on the history of the Cardinals draft the past.

8. Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - 10th overall, Houston, 2007

I'd like to begin by saying that Okoye's always been a standout player. There are certain things that will be memorable for me on draft days memories that are enduring and will ensure that I'll be following certain players to whom I do not have any actual attachments to and Okoye is sure to be one of those guys.

There was much talk about the possibility that Okoye 19-year-old Okoye was going to be one of the youngest players to be selected in the first round. He chose Louisville when he was only 15 and turned down Harvard to make the choice. He played football in college at the age of 16. He was a student at the time of his graduation. He made the second team All-American at the age of 19. He had a great head on his shoulders.
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