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The OSRS community is the very chill community
The OSRS community is the very chill community Jun 24

The OSRS community is the very chill community

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Im not surprised however, it goes to show how much the two communities are. The OSRS community is the very chill community I've ever been apart of and frankly pretty proud of it. I think there is still a great deal of toxicity in this community while any community could be toxic if youre only looking in 1 place. Not just counting this sub obviously, but in Runescape game I probably had as many"toxic" experiences since I did with good/wholesome ones. I see your point but I think Reddit us negative as a complete and I watch negativity with this sub.

Anyone that's played with a handful of other MMORPGs will inform you that the community this is a blessing in comparison to other online games. Hell, this is the only online game I have ever seen where there are swarms of"begging robots" along with other"pity cash robots" because people throw their currency at strangers too readily. Lol mate its got nothing to do with being simply a trend. I will probably assume that I have been playing with MMOs for a time that is long than many on this sub given the age group. There absolutely are"begging spiders" and etc in other matches. The distinction is the economy. OSRS is unique in that regard, a great deal of matches which have a flowing money doesnt which the gold of OSRS does. I.e; its more of trading items for things, not selling things for main use money.

Its also simply that, OSRS is a unique sandbox sport in which you do a lot of.standing around. Aka bank status skills, etc.. This in turn find someone prepared and makes it much easier to converse with other people. Thats got nothing to do with the neighborhood not being toxic. Again, I grew up playing online games in a age where they were fresh and fresh, and not as accessible as they're now. RS has had an extremely toxic/elitist side of this community since Runescape came out in 2001. It might not be the worst out there, but to say there isnt any or even only a small amount is sadly wrong.

I Believe if OSRS graphics were upgraded, this would be the look that is best

Honestly, I think if OSRS graphics were upgraded this would be the best look. No fancy OSRS HD/Remaster or 1st individual stuff. I think that this is the perfect appearance that does not stray to far from the classic look. Why the HD toggle is not avail from 2020 really want something similar to this and no hint. I like OSRS the way it is now. Yea I really don't have a problem with this, but I feel that the option is the best method to go about it, ya know? So you believe the already limited dev time is better spent on this than on match advancements or material updates? And reducing the amount of future updates due to the OSRS team needing to make the assets for everything they do?

I find it intriguing that people use this same debate like it has any merit when a match earning millions of dollars per year can't simply do something or both? Just like Jagex hasn't done this? Is it or something? I'm perplexed. It doesn't have to be just one or another. They can do both. They can't do both in precisely the same time as doing only 1. Time spent 'HD' resources is time NOT spent on further game updates. They've done it before but it turned out to be a MASSIVE undertaking with a bigger team that was very divisive and not valued by as many gamers as they'd hoped. I really see no reason why they would be interested in doing it again.
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