Shows you how dumb Broadsword
Shows you how dumb Broadsword Jun 30

Shows you how dumb Broadsword

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I remember launch had double xp weekends also every 1 - two weekends (EU did anyway), and it was still excruciatingly slow. I expect there will be a mixture of folks reaching 50 inside a month who know the game inside out and also have a great deal of free time, along with others that take 2-3 months casually playing or spending time on crafting/gathering skills instead.

I think we are all skeptical of their cash store and combat pass, we'll have to see how it ends up and hope they do not start letting people to pay for free AP crowns.

Individuals who complain about such thing will be the very same men and women who'll leave the game 1 month after launch because they had sufficient getting their ass clapped by actual unemployed tryharder farming them everytime they step outside of a town (or even getting farmed within a town ).

Depends in class too. And probably not, but I could see why even to a regular player the exp grind can become very old and bothersome. I do need it to require a decent amount of time and effort to reach maximum, but what others call"a decent Quantity of time" vs me is quite different

I guess the"Decent amount of time is relative for every player" anyway I just hope they do not make it so you can achieve LVL 50 in two weeks, I want to enjoy the older days a bit before they slaughter the classic also

From what I have heard speaking to KR gamers, it's essentially"the speed of leveling in 2.7 but minus some of the content (like solo cases ) that make it quite fast" I would call it a good upgrade from 1.x without which makes it fly by if it's true.As a variety gamer I played with pretty much all of the launch in the past 15 years. If you make me name a top 10 most of them will be matches 10 years old. Old matches had charm, were harder, much more engaging. That's why people go back to older games. It is not only the nostalgia.

It's like shooters, how there hasn't been a respectable shooter really since Halo 3. Embarrassing from the sport companies to be honest. People like Bungie, Blizzard, when they hadn't already, have now completely sold their spirits

The genre includes a large playerbase, but it is creatively stagnant and lifeless. The popular MMOs are all 5+ years old, which means they're in the PS3 era. The genre is efficiently two generations behind.

Shows you how dumb Broadsword/EA would be not to just discharge a DAOC classic. Private servers have more players than the live ones since the private servers try to emulate classic with some contemporary conveniences.

If you want to buy it, you can access

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