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You'll be escorted into the Sayanionas Lair.
You'll be escorted into the Sayanionas Lair. Jul 11

You'll be escorted into the Sayanionas Lair.

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A Riddle is seen inside the entrance. Two people are in conversation. One man claims he celebrated his an anniversary two days ago, and that he was 21. He states that in two years, he will have turned 25. This is awe-inspiring. If it were possible, on what date were they talking about? They are speaking on January 2nd and their birthday falls on December 31st.

The words fade into the background and the door swings open. It's possible this is the chest. You can search the chest by opening the chest. Grimy Sunset herbs will be provided to you. This herb requires 50 Herblore for cleaning. Clean the herb and return to the cave. Your player will view a cut-scene. Savarius Solar will be fighting the Masked Mage.

The Lunar people will not give up will they? Savarius Solar throws a Solar Wulyaxior that is similar to throwing knives. Never Savarius! Masked Mage is seen throwing a mysterious Lunar Blast at Savarius, which hits a 62, knocking out half Savarius's health. Very Weak Lokear Very! Savarius throws the Solar Wulyaxior and gets a score of 76. This makes the mage weak. Masked Mage: With the power of Lunar Isle.... You are sentanced to death! Masked Mage hits the 98 mark, killing Savarius. The Cutscene closes, and you will find an Sunrisen Staff in your backpack.

Head back into town, and prepare for a battle. The Sayaniona's can be described as a blend of a Greater Demon or a Pyrefiend. The uni-horn on the top of the head will not be overlooked! They are able to be at level 90, and they can be hit as high as 14. They then will strike your prayer with their special power. If your strength is less than 60, it's recommended to carry at least 2 prayer potions and a super-stength pot.

The Sayaniona's are located in the forest to the northwest region of Solar Isle. Go back the hut of the Cheif. Go back behind the hut and climb the rock slide and head back to the bolders. Make use of the grapple on the boulder and it will break. Next, attach the rope to the boulder, and pull it. The boulder will fall and roll back towards you. Then, reattach the hook to the rope, and begin to swing around the boulder. (Require 55 Agility)

You'll be escorted into the Sayanionas Lair. They are aggresive, and they will swat you. You should avoid the room that is filled with Baby Sayanionas who are at levels 25 and above. They're useless in this moment. Run past the Lesser Sayanionas, until you get to a room that has Greater Sayanionas. These are at level 90 and are difficult to eliminate. Keep your protection from Melee on, and then fill it up with prayer pots. You can take the horn once it has passed away. Grind it up with a pestal and mortar. It will become the ground of Sayaniona's Horn. Then, you'll need water.

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