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If Mahomes is not considered a Chiefs
If Mahomes is not considered a Chiefs Jul 16

If Mahomes is not considered a Chiefs

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After a publicly polled event, your Madden 22 frontman will instead be selected in-house -- as has been the case because a Cleveland Browns online effort ended with journeyman Peyton Hillis on the box to get Madden 12. Nonetheless, there are a number of strong contenders for Tiburon to choose from, and ahead of the NFL Draft we position the top 10 below. Brady? Henry? Kelce? Someone else completely? Let us know your prediction after studying our Madden 22 cover vote manual.

EA has never chosen the same cover athlete two years running, severely denting Jackson's chances of making the box for Madden 22 -- his amazing 2019 achievements in Baltimore contributed to him earning the Madden 21 cover.

Widely tipped to be chosen first by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the upcoming NFL Draft, Lawrence would likewise be the very first ever rookie to look about the Madden cover -- a bold announcement from EA to cement the new PS5 and Xbox collection X era. The lad out of Knoxville, Tennessee clocked up over 10,000 yards and 90 touchdowns in his three-year college career at Clemson.

Now recognized as the NFL's most feared QB, Mahomes drove the Chiefs to a second consecutive Super Bowl appearance last season via 4740 passing yards, 308 rushing yards, and 40 overall touchdowns. Regrettably, the effort ended in a Super Bowl loss to Tampa Bay, and there's very likely to be similar disappointment at the Madden 22 box section, together with Mahomes' Madden 20 cover probably too recent for him to be selected again.

If he could replicate the Madden 22 box afterward he would be the first D-man to do this because Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks handled it upon Madden 15.

If Mahomes is not considered a Chiefs cover contender due to his look two editions ago, team-mate Kelce is a more-than-worthy replacement. Even at 31 lots of experts have tagged him that the best tight-end in NFL history, and 2020 saw him dominate in the place once more, to the song of 105 catches, 1416 yards, and 11 touchdowns. He's unquestionably magic Mahomes' go-to man. But will he be EA's?

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