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Corum Golden Bridge MISS

Corum launched four versions of the gold bridge, completely decorated with snowflakes.

Just caught up with the festival season, the coral champion released two new version of the gold bridge, the new "snow" setting. Exclusive diamonds, snow settings involve all of the random number of diamonds in this manner, which masks the entire metal. This is a senior jewel practice, there are two reasons.


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First, the details of each diamond placement. Although everyone is different, they still have access to each other as close as possible, so the edges are almost touch. Therefore, there is no consistency in this task, one of which breaks through the mechanical shear from brilliant and bread, where all diamonds are interchangeable. In the snow environment, it is a series of experiences and the drama. Each diamond is individually selected and placed. The final composition is similar to mural or expressionism, with many diamonds set separately, and creates a whole image together.

Next, there is a setting itself. Since each diamond has a unique size, each paw is required for setting. This is a task that requires extreme precision, which prevents setting standardization because each paw works separately to set diamonds separately.

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