There was tons of player driven
There was tons of player driven Jul 28

There was tons of player driven

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This is great. The line for the raid icon has been left out, since I would rather not have the macro be changed every time I'm using a tank that marks it as square. It's also helpful to know the syntax in case I want to bring it to the macro. Thank you very thank you!
This is a common "I have been playing WoW since I was a little girl and my mom was feeding me some gerber mushi" the preface to this blog post. It goes much deeper than WoW. I've played GW2, LOTRO SWTOR, WHO, SWTOR, SWTOR, WHO, as well as any other acronyms related to MMOs. Capital cities were the perfect location to await my group's formation, so I could enjoy myself playing these games.

FFXIV brought me to delighting in the actions of people around me. In order to be competitive with the redcoats (malestrom I think) I ran to Limsa. Idk I started in Limsa so they're my only choice.) And as I walked into the plaza, I heard a familiar song. It was a song that I had heard before that I wasn't able to recognize initially, however, I knew that bards could play instruments as an honorary class. I had no idea that bards can buy an electric guitar, and play Enter Sandman from Metallica.

So I was in the room for around 15 minutes while the dude played his entire set. Metallica, Nirvana, some other classics that I couldn't tell you off from my head but we certainly heard on the radio. What's that? Only the most bad ass looking Lala the world has ever seen. What is it? A M.Bison cosplay glamour. Are these folks just standing on the sidewalk, doing various poses to display their splendor? What's that emote? where can I find it? What is the name of the adorable minion? This is a result of the quest! NO!

There was an Incredible Hulk lookin dude giving the sprouts in a circle a making lesson at the top of the elevator that led to the Wench. Another DJ was performing EDM-style songs on the Harp with cat girls waving glowsticks.

There was tons of player driven, created and player-generated content going around me. The people weren't visiting Limsa to grab a bargain and to head off to their next grind in search of the latest BiS or an unusual mount. These were people who were having fun playing games with friends who enjoyed these activities too.

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