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There are a myriad of games in which
There are a myriad of games in which Aug 03

There are a myriad of games in which

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The significance of pvp lies in the order of class > gear > skills. Losing one of the sin/rangers 100 times while I'm farming mobs for 20% HP is becoming increasingly annoying. I'm not sure how someone can be satisfied destroying people who aren't properly equipped, overleveled, underadvantaged, and clearly do their own thing. Yes, I know that I'm taking that risk when I'm in a pvpve area, but the reality is that many people don't care about actual competition.

There have been occasions when I've been with people who just wanted to say hello to me while we were just trying to cultivate. or when a purple flew past me but there was nothing wrong with the possibility of him trying to kill me. For every one of those situations there's ten additional situations in which I'm 1v3 ganked or killed by one of my twinks or by a man more than 10 levels above me for no reason. In the end, the reason that most people use twinks is a pity, they're just trying to annoy people they know they can beat easily. It's important to understand that this trend is more evident in the present because the majority of people continue in the process of leveling, and the only ones who can do this are the whales or no-lifers however this is the way aion has always been looking back.

Edit: I'm sorry for those who are on the other side. I fully appreciate the argument. I was a twink that lasted for a long time, but as time passes, I am unable to see the appeal and satisfaction that is gained from this single-sided twinkling.

Wow... my guys, Aion classic is thriving due to people who loved that part of the game. These complaints are the main reason why there aren't OWPvPvE OVPvE games.

"They introduced rift changes and blah blah." Well, then the game was over. It's been less than an entire month. Let it go. For those who have returned for the tough OWPvPvE environment will enjoy it for a while before it gets ripped apart once more.

I'm not trying to hurt the OP, but this is the reason why I returned. Eliminating this aspect of the game has ruined the fun of it for many.

There are a myriad of games in which you can step in and play on an entirely level playing field, and not needing to work for any kind of reward. Let Aion Classic be what Aion is: A quick-paced, hard-fought and brutal PvP environment with every player that is able to reach the cap on level is a battle-hardened, PvPer, regardless of what their goal is to become.

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