While you may laugh at the idea of defensive players Cover Image


While you may laugh at the idea of defensive players

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While you may laugh at the idea of defensive players has not posted anything yet


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03-08-21 - 11:13


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31-08-21 - 11:13

While you may laugh at the idea of defensive players making it on the Madden NFL Cover, it's not uncommon. Richard Sherman was the last defense player to make the Madden NFL 15 cover athlete. Ray Lewis (Madden NFL 2005) and Troy Polamalu were also there. Donald is by far the most powerful player on the cover side of the ball, being a member for four straight seasons in the 99 Club. In this regard the only way to get to is to finally get on the front line.

When the teaser trailer was released in the last week of this week, everyone believed that this was the result of a combination. It's not a secret that Tom Brady is considered the most successful quarterback ever (G.O.A.T), and Patrick Mahomes is widely considered to be the next great quarterback. It's normal to think that there's a chance or possibility of two players being featured on the cover. But, EA Sports' teaser includes an older goat and baby goat. It's possible to envision Brady as well as Mahomes. Both quarterbacks have appeared featured on the Madden NFL Cover before, with Brady taking part in Madden NFL 18, and Mahomes doing the same in Madden NFL 20.

The combination could be monotonous however, it's an excellent idea. It appears that they only appeared appearing on the cover just a few minutes before. This is fitting, given that they played toe-to-toe in the Super Bowl last year.

EA Job Description: Madden Could Be Coming to a Switch

Madden NFL was once a regular feature on Nintendo platforms. It's been a long time since the release of Madden NFL 13 on Wii U. EA previously stated that they wouldn't be making it available on the Switch in the year 2018. However the latest job announcement suggested that Madden might finally come to Switch.
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