It's likely that we'll witness Lawrence
It's likely that we'll witness Lawrence Sep 01

It's likely that we'll witness Lawrence

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Every one of the top 10 edge rushers is worth mentioning. There are so many fantastic pass rushers that are in the league at present that it's difficult to create the list of the top 10. The reality that Smith is part of this group indicates how effective the player has been. It's reasonable to also make a case that his rating should be greater than the 89 mark.

Smith has nothing more you can do to demonstrate why he deserves a higher rating. Smith has had the sacks since he signed with the Packers two years ago. He has the pressures. He is a big player in crucial moments. He's an excellent leader and teammate. But if there's one good aspect about this, it's that Smith can make use of it as motivation. It's not a bad thing.

Which 49ers QB Lance is ranked among the rookie QBs in Madden 22

If you're excited about playing with the new 49ers quarterback Trey Lance in the newest Madden version, you'll be able to know where the number. 3 overall draft pick's score checks in among his fellow rookie signal-callers.

Lance is expected to be rated at 74 in Madden NFL 22. This is the same score as Justin Fields, the 11th overall pick of the Chicago Bears. Check out where the five 2021 rookie quarterbacks place in Madden NFL 22 below.

It's not clear if there are any surprises on this list. Lawrence and Wilson were chosen ahead of Lance in the April draft. Fields was generally regarded as an elite prospect prior to the draft, but dropped on draft night for reasons that remain undetermined. The group also includes Jones, who was the 15th overall pick.

It's likely that we'll witness Lawrence and Wilson start their teams in the first week of the season, and there's also a decent possibility that Fields comes out of Bears training camp as QB1. Lance and Jones are likely to not start in 2021 immediately, however, given the injuries histories of the two QBs above each other in their respective depth charts -they are Jimmy Garoppolo and Cam Newton respectively -- it could not be too long before either rookie gets on the field.

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