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Shanghai 2023: Accelerating China's construction productivity

Two-thirds of China's regions have announced spending of more than $1.8 trillion on major infrastructure investments this year, and in March 2023, an index measuring China's construction activity surged to its highest level since 2012.To get more news in shanghai china, you can visit official website.

Cost and supply chain efficiencies have been key drivers of success for Chinese construction companies delivering domestic projects. However, these advantages have not been consistently observed when delivering international projects. To expand China's construction capabilities to reach global markets, local leaders will need to make significant progress in adopting digital and AI, integrating design standards, and embracing modular industrialisation, customer centricity and quality consistency.

On 10 April 2023, the Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) hosted a roundtable discussion with more than 40 senior leaders from China's construction and real estate industries.