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Introduction to Auto-CAD software

AUTO-CAD is used to refer CAD which is any type of computer aided design/drafting. Basically AUTO-CAD is the name of the software which is develop by the company named Autodesk. The auto in Auto-CAD doesn’t mean anything but is just a reference to company’s name. As, it is ca software for computer sided design so it is used in construction or designing of cars/ boats/ airplanes/ small-buildings and in the design of tools and machinery. To get more news about https://www.gstarcad.net/support/video-tutorials/ cad tutorial, you can visit shine news official website.

All CAD systems uses basic geometric entities to construct design. The construction used in technical design are based upon 2-dimensional planar geometry. The method and number of operations are required to accomplish the instructions are different from one system to another. In order to become an expert in Auto-CAD, we must learn to create geometric entities quickly and accurately.
Auto-CAD provides various several different mechanisms or a tool with the help of which different drawings can be made easily and can