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Although Path of Exile is not as well-known as "Diablo" because of its relative "youth", it has been developing steadily since its birth. In some areas, it can even be said that the path of exile surpasses Diablo. Although he did not beat the second place.

For example, the complexity of POE operations-with functions such as POE Currency, POE Uniques and POE Elements-is by no means easy. Fans believe that POE Mobile will remain as it is and avoid the dreaded "win-win" form. What fans worry about is that, according to GGG’s own admission, this is still an experimental game.

However, the good people in GGG rely on their experience. After all, the road to exile has undergone many updates. Another adjustment to make it mobile friendly is by no means too loud. Will it still happen?

Switching from consoles to portable devices is nothing new. There is no fierce competition between games and developers. If you ask us, the game is only for the public. The quality of their games will inevitably improve rapidly because the two sides have been working hard to help each other. Friends, this is the benefit of healthy competition.

It is worth noting that the successful development of these two games will largely depend on fan feedback. Of course, "Grinding Gear Games" and "Blizzard" both reduce the workload, because fans of these two games are accustomed to high-quality content, especially Buy POE Currency has become the player's favorite.


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