That puts him at the top of the heap of big men

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On the same thought process it is certainly one of the top scores a player could get 2K23 MT. It's actually more than any active player in NBA 2K23 as the most highly rated players are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Steph Curry, all tied at 96.

Yet, Dwyane Wade's 97 feels to be a bit low considering who He is. Wade is widely thought to be one of the three best shooting guards in NBA history in the league, behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. With their 99 and 98 rating, for example, Wade at 97 seems acceptable. But, it puts him to other players like Walt Frazier and Steve Nash which, while excellent, don't have the same level of talent as Wade.

In terms if talent and ability, Kristaps Porzingis is a real "unicorn" as his frame and basketball skills are very rare. He's about 7'3" however he can shoot like a guard and handle the ball at the same time, blocking a lot of shots. The problem is that it hasn't worked out well for his career in Dallas recently.

Reports swirled that Porzingis was not happy over Luka Don?i? dominating the ball , but that's the kind of thing Dallas requires to be successful. When Luka was having an incredible Playoff series against the Clippers, Porzingis basically disappeared. His stats were down across the board, including dropping from 20.1ppg to 13.1 and also from 8.9rpg to 5.4.

Everyone is aware the fact that Andre Drummond is not at the highest level anymore but that doesn't mean that he fell off hard enough to be near the bottom of the league's most popular big players. He might no longer lead the league in rebounding , however he still grabbed 12 per game.

That puts him at the top of the heap of big men. However, the rating he has is that is reserved for players who don't often take to the court or make as much of an impact Cheap NBA 2K23 MT. Drummond also scored about 15 points a game and all of this in less than 25 minutes per game, which is quite impressive.

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