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WOW Classic is gorgeous by enjoying the world

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That said, you may also consider druid. 4 specs. You are also going to be expected/able to perform a little of everything so you might have cheap classic gold to get in there and dps in cat shape whilst healing for example. Gives you a lot of variety in playstyle using two specs that are melee, a healing spec, and a caster spec.

There is nothing wrong with playing characters equally if you would like to play casually. Then select one, doesn't matter which one, if you want to play, if you must select at random, and stick with it. At very substantial levels of difficulty, some classes just are not good enough but that's about the Mythic+20+ range past where rewards highest out in WOW Classic. A lot of equipment is time-gated, a matter of performing difficulty chores that are easy-to-medium frequently. Ability has a whole lot to do with the course with familiarity.I only started playing again. I always have been a horde player but this time I checked the forums for cooperation and settled on Proudmoore (US) after speaking to the GM of this guild I joined to get a few hours after reading his forum post. Best decisions I made. Everyone is fine, you have your casual WOW gamers and hard-core, there is something for everyone. Its an older set of people too so much more understanding about becoming unable to create raids and what not. Id locate a on the forums and then roll to their server after you converse and find the Enjoying alliance so much I do not think I would ever go back to horde unless a lot of buddies from a diff game asked.

I still say the mythic plus system is the cause of his rush mindset. People are used to trying to clean a dungeon as fast as humanely possible. I came back after a long break a few months ago. I played when BC finished up. I had tanked back in the afternoon and enjoyed a paced dungeon. You'd need to crowd control mobs that are certain and really have some strategy along with your pulls. I don't feel anything that is tanking to much of a rush. If im going to slow DPS starts pulling we wipe and then folks anger stopped. WOW Classic is gorgeous by enjoying the world/dungeons/raids at a comfortable 20, and I get my fun out of it.

People have life behind the monitor, guy might have to go afk for two minutes to take care of his child or anything. Coming back after my long break this really is the issue I see WOW Classic. To much to do so to much emphasis on hurrying through of the content. Id like to see these draw the audience control back make it more difficult to AOE every trash pull and pull strategies. Dungeons will take longer so provide better rewards.

Don't take this personally, but this isn't the first 2000s. What was super brand new in mmos (that the opportunity for near direct interaction with different people throughout the internet) is something that social media today easily provides and actually people have gotten burnt out of wow classic gold for sale of that. Quit wishing for 2005 back. Its. No one wants to socialize with ramdom people, 80 percent of whomst are annoying gamer types who will call you a slur within an hour of knowing them. If you'd like community you'll have to carve out your own little space in WOW Classic.

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