Fully Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine Information

Fully Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine Information


The so-called screen printing is the synthetic fibers, silk fabrics, metal mesh stretched on the screen frame, the use of chemical light plate or hand-carved paint film screen printing plate made, Langfang printing manufacturers tell you screen printing With gravure, embossed, flat printed is known as the four major printing methods.

Flat screen printing is one of the most popular printing systems in textile printing industry. In Flat Screen Printing Technology the screen is flat and moves up and down. The printed fabric moves forward step by step and passes through a dryer. Flat-screen printing machines can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Manual flat screen printing machine and printing process is too much slower and production rate in flat screen printing is also lower. The best solution for reducing time of printing and increase the productivity in printing is to use the fully automatic flat screen printing machine. In this article I will try to give features of fully automatic flat screen printing machine and its process.

Fully automatic flat screen printing is basically used for the printing of better quality furnishing fabrics. This method is appropriate for the large repeats and large motifs. Though the printing speeds are relatively low compared with rotary screen printing, and this allows time for any printing faults to be noticed and corrected before much expensive cloth is spoiled. This machine is widely used in USA and UK.

In fully automatic flat screen printing the textile material is gummed to the blanket at the entry end and moves along with the blanket in an intermittent style, one screen repeat distance at a time. All the colors in the design are printed simultaneously while the fabric is stationary; then the screens are lifted and the fabric and blanket move on. When the fabric approaches to the turning point of the blanket, it is pressed off and passes into a drying chamber. The soiled blanket is washed and dried during its return passage on the underside of the printing machine.

Production rate of fully automatic flat screen printing machine:

The production rate depends on the time interval during which the fabric is stationary. Following factors depend on the production rate of fully automatic flat screen printing machine:

Number of squeegee passes

Repeat size

Efficiency of the dryer

Some faults in automatic flat-screen prints are due to misfitting of the colors in the design; others are associated with screen frames falling on wet areas of the printed fabric.

Technical Features of Fully Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine

The typical technical features of Fully Automatic Flat Bed Screen Printing Machine are as follows:

Printing width -1200mm to 3000mm

Printing Table length – maximum of 50 meter

No. of colors- maximum 20

Float –Conveyor Dryer – max. 5 chamber

Repeat Arrangement -500mm to 3000mm

Operating Speed- 10 to 20 printing cycles each minute

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