WoTLK:If you're in need of gold, take five acolytes
WoTLK:If you're in need of gold, take five acolytes Mar 01

WoTLK:If you're in need of gold, take five acolytes

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The winning mission is essentially the matter of building the largest force in World of Warcraft and obliterating all the elves within the region. With two gold mines open at the same time and three ghouls taking lumber and wood, you'll have enough resources to put together an army of massive size. It's not necessary to take down the second village of elves, located to the south of the bridge that separates it from the one you destroyed. However, you could if you're especially angry.

It's the third gold mine, if you feel it's necessary. The third elven-themed hamlet lies behind your central location and can be seen from the elfgate however, and you'll need remove it in order to progress. It is accessible by making a pathway through the forest towards the east of your home base. It is guarded not only by melee and archers troops, but also by sorceresses that make use of slow tactics against your units So, bring the most reinforcements you can.

Once you've eliminated the third town of the elves and gotten to the elfgate will be clear. Blue base the most heavily guarded on the map it is possible to build the most units your budget will allow, and then launch your attack. Meat wagons are extremely useful in neutralizing towers that are scattered around the base, and necromancers are able to raise ghouls and skeletons for primary melee weapon. Arthas Death Coil will assist in eliminating enemies quickly. Once you've eliminated the defenses of your base, tear down every building in the area and you'll be done with the mission.

Arthas as well as the Scourge destroyed the first elfgate, and have pierced the outside of Quel'Thelas in their attempt to revive the necromancer who died Kel'Thuzad. To enter the second gate, Arthas must gain a special key that is made 3 moon crystals each of which is housed on an altar close to the gate.

As he descends further into the realm of the elves, but Sylvanas is able to block the progress of the World of Warcraft by taking away the sole bridge that crosses a river. In order to continue, the World of Warcraft must find the new method of getting across the water to achieve their objective.

Walking-Through Sylvanas is destroying the bridge Arthas was planning to cross, and you'll have to figure out another way to cross the water. The first thing you must do is to create an operational base, and you'll discover a small settlement of elves to the west of the point where you began your journey.

It's protected by two flying dragon hawks that cannot be attacked from melee attack. The newly acquired crypt fends are equipped with web however, which can bring flying units down for a brief time, so that melee attackers are able to hit them. You must set the web to auto-cast, and then strike the village to open the way to your base.Goblin zeppelins are great for transporting troops across water or other obstacles.

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