The most common physical and network controls once implementing ISO 27001 knowledge center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi

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Security controls for knowledge Centers have become a large challenge thanks to increasing numbers of devices and instrumentation being value-added. during this article, you'll see a way to build an associate degree ISO 27001 compliant knowledge Center by identification and effective implementation of data security controls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The article summarizes ISO 27001 knowledge Center necessities and helps you improve its security.


Security challenges for an information Center

 ISO 27001 Certification in Saudi Arabia a Data Center is largely a building or a fanatical house that hosts all-important systems or data Technology infrastructure of a corporation. the number of security attacks, as well as those touching knowledge Centers, are increasing day by day. knowledge Centers contain all the important data of organizations; so, data security may be a matter of concern. an information Center should maintain high standards for reassuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availableness of its hosted IT (Information Technology) atmosphere. To understand the importance of ISO 27001 certification from {the perspective the attitude the associate degreeless} of a CEO of a freelance knowledge Center, scan the article ISO 27001 Case study for knowledge centers: associate degree interview with Goran Djoreski.


How to choose security controls to fulfill ISO 27001 necessities for a secure knowledge Center?

ISO 27001 Services in Saudi Arabia The best approach to pick security controls for an information Center ought to be to start with a risk assessment. in a very risk assessment, you analyze the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that may be a gift for an information Center. the danger assessment methodology is often constant as your victimization for ISO 27001 if you're certified in it. If not, be happy to outline your methodology for risk assessment.






The following are samples of the foremost common threats to knowledge Centers:

  1. Breach of counseling
  2. Denial of Service (DoS) Attack
  3. Unauthorized access and usage of computing resources
  4. Identity felony
  5. knowledge felony or alteration
  6. Vulnerabilities


The most common weaknesses in knowledge Centers are associated with the subsequent areas:

  1. the issues within the implementation of things like computer code and protocols, wrong computer code style or incomplete testing, etc.
  2. Configuration flaws like usage of default credentials, parts not properly designed, notable vulnerabilities, out of date systems, etc.
  3. Ineffective security style
  4. Ineffective implementation of redundancy for important systems
  5. Ineffective physical access control/lack of environmental controls, etc.
  6. supported the list of risks known, every risk shall be mapped to security controls, that may be chosen from ISO 27001 (Annex A controls) or security controls from different local/international data security standards.

Numerous kinds of controls may be enforced to mitigate known risks, however, this text can focus solely on physical controls and virtual/network controls.


Physical security controls

The physical security of a knowledge ISO 27001 consultant in Saudi Arabia a knowledge an information} Center is that the set of protocols that forestall any reasonably physical harm to the systems that store the organization’s important data. the chosen security controls ought to be able to handle everything starting from natural disasters to company undercover work to terrorist attacks. to know concerning the protection of secure areas please scan the article Physical security in ISO 27001 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Examples of physical security controls embrace the following:

Secure website choice by considering location factors like ISO 14001 Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, proximity to power grids, telecommunications infrastructure, transportation lines, and emergency services, earth science risks and climate, etc.

  1. Natural disaster riskless locations or Disaster Recovery website
  2. Physical Access management with anti-tailgating/anti-pass-back gate which allows only 1 person to labor under when authentication
  3. bookkeeping purpose into the power
  4. further physical access restriction to non-public racks
  5. CCTV camera police work with video retention as per organization policy
  6. 24×7 on-the-scene security guards, Network Operations Center (NOC) Services and technical team

Network security controls

Virtual security or network security ar measures place in situ to forestall any unauthorized access which will affect the confidentiality, integrity, or availableness of knowledge keep on servers or computing devices. to know the access management in ISO 27001, please scan the article a way to handle access management in keeping with ISO 27001. Network security is sort of troublesome to handle as there are multiple ways in which to compromise the network of a corporation. the most important challenge of network security is that ways of hacking or network attacks evolve year when a year. as an example, a hacker might conceive to use malware, or malicious computer code, to bypass the varied firewalls and gain access to the organization’s important data. 


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