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Predators are the pure power type of the Exile, able to withstand significant damage and sustain damage. If leveled and equipped with the appropriate POE Currency, the predator can be an absolute monster on the battlefield and can destroy any enemy or boss on the road. This version plays a role in it.

I base the establishment of the Molten Strike Holy Sword on stacking damage to the slaughtered enemies in the path. The Molten Strike itself is a melee attack that uses physical damage and fire damage at the same time. It also causes molten magma balls to shoot out of the enemy hit, causing a certain range of damage when exploding. This is the core of this construction and combines a 90% reduction in physical damage, maximum resistance, and an enormous amount of life recovery.

The play style of this building is to rush into the middle of a group of enemies and wave it a few times. It uses defensive boosting and mitigation capabilities to withstand significant damage. In the last game, the build version will handle the damage you will encounter, and by adding “life draw”, we can easily eliminate the damage.

Each cluster jewelry should have two slots for standard jewelry. Try to use each famous talent and then stack the “weight advantage” to compensate for the damage of other famous people. Below are links to gems that should be focused on when upgrading your character.

Buy POE Currency will help you create a cloud of life around you and your teammates, helping you stay alive while gathering enemies. Leap Slam is a valuable AoE attack that can cause a lot of damage to many enemies at once. Patient crying will help you regain your strength and provide defense when you need it. Make sure that the Blood Bry is not connected to the Blood Magic medium and is established with an empty slot 3 links.


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