I wanted to enter RS3 even more recently and was doing so

I wanted to enter RS3 even more recently and was doing so

RuneScape makes it Best OSRS Gold site first new RuneScape skill in years -"Archaeology"

I believe this is pretty rad, I just hope it is implemented well. I suppose this is quite comparable to the other RuneScape skill"Dungeoneering" which imo is a really bad RuneScape skill, let alone minigame. I truly need it to be ported to OSRS if less a RuneScape skill then at least as a minigame.Its not actually a RuneScape ability though, thats the problem. Its a minigame using RuneScape ability features hit. It even has a reward system that is minigame. Whether you enjoy it or not is irrelevant. It could be enjoyable. It may be a minigame. But its terrible RuneScape skill. And dont get me started on the way it compels you to play in order to increase exp.

Please correct me if I am completely off, because I have not played or looked into it. However, isn't the"Gauntlet" kind of like dungeoneering? For that you'd need to input Priffdinas, which needs a high level account in order to finish the quest. I have not finish the quest and so I have not try the gauntlet. However from what I understand, it is the exact same boss every moment. Also, it's also a solo minigame, which sucks considering this is an MMO.

A minigame like dungeoneering will be nice for raid-like group content together with the top floor being raids the others and 3 being more easy. Agreed. Dungoneering was the only RuneScape skill that attracted the entire of runescape; playstyles collectively, from RuneScape skillers, to Pvmers. The difficulty was that the benefits and just means to level the RuneScape ability was that the minigame. An researching RuneScape skill that sailing and is dungoneering with content could include to RuneScape.

But the exact same pure 2007 players(Whom enable more and more overpowered things in RuneScape and PVM ironically) are so against any new RuneScape ability they spite vote every additional that doesn't add to their own particular playstyle. Now RuneScape is dying because they don't want to be ass'd to grind another RuneScape skill despite what it might add to RuneScape, but certain that new 100 percent xp increase to some RuneScape skill content is nice along with the new weapons that 1 shot any pvm is great.

I wanted to enter RS3 even more recently and was doing so, even bought a year's membership. The new RuneScape skill looks cool. 1 day banned and my accounts seemingly gets hacked. Lost everything worth taking on my account. I guess I am lucky I even got my account that is nearly 15 year old, but it is so discouraging to login and watch what I worked for all those years. What makes it worse is that I wasn't notified by buy RuneScape gold Jagex of any of even the ban, the name change, a login, or this. Somehow my authenticator got removed. Man it does not feel worth it although I know I could work to get back everything.Recall when RuneScape used to look like this?

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