How to Cancel Your Flight with Spirit Airlines: Easy Steps

Learn how to easily cancel or change your Spirit Airlines flight with this simple guide. Avoid fees and get refunds or credits for future travel.

Sometimes, we need to cancel our flights because our plans change. If you need to cancel a flight with Spirit Airlines, don't worry. This guide will help you do it easily and tell you what you need to know about their rules for canceling.

What You Need to Know Before Canceling

Spirit Airlines has some rules to help people cancel their flights:

  • Cancel Within 24 Hours: If you cancel your flight within a day after booking it and the flight leaves in more than 7 days, you can get all your money back.
  • No Fee in Some Cases: If you need to cancel because of a family death, being sick, losing your passport, or having to follow military or court orders, they won't charge you.
  • When Spirit Cancels: If Spirit cancels your flight, they will help you by either finding you another flight or not charging you extra.
  • Fees for Canceling: If you cancel your flight close to the departure date, you might have to pay a fee. The sooner you cancel, the less you might have to pay.

Steps to Cancel Your Flight

Follow these steps to cancel your flight with Spirit:

  1. Go to Spirit's Website: Start by going to the Spirit Airlines website.
  2. Find 'My Trips': Look for a section called 'My Trips' on the website.
  3. Enter Your Details: Put in your name and the confirmation number for your flight.
  4. Choose Your Flight: Pick the flight you want to cancel.
  5. Go to 'Change Flights': Find and click on 'Change flights'. This is where you can start to cancel your flight.
  6. Follow Instructions: The website will guide you on how to cancel. Just do what it says.

If you need more help, Spirit has many ways to contact them like chat, text, WhatsApp, social media, phone, or talking to someone at the airport.

Changing Your Flight Instead

Sometimes, you might just want to change your Spirit flight instead of canceling. Spirit Airlines makes this easy, too. You can change the date, place, or time of your flight.

How Much It Costs to Cancel

If you cancel your flight, here's what you might have to pay:

  • More than 60 days before your flight: Free
  • 31 to 59 days before: $69
  • 7 to 30 days before: $99
  • Less than 7 days before: $119

These fees are for each person.

Getting Your Money Back

Spirit Airlines will give you your money back in some situations, like if you cancel within 24 hours of booking. If your flight is delayed a lot, you might get your money back too. If you can't get your money back, they might give you credit to use later.

Final Tips

Canceling your flight with Spirit Airlines is simple. Remember, the earlier you cancel, the better. If you need someone to help you with your flight or have more questions, you can call Fond Travels at "+1 (571) 389-6426".

Knowing how to cancel or change your flight makes travel easier. Spirit Airlines tries to be flexible, so you have options if your plans need to change.

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